PU KNT 002

Producer: DINUY

Сенсорный выключатель, 4-клавишный, черный, с RGB подсветкой иконок, медная (иммитация) рамка.

 Glass touch surface. 
• Designed to provide the user with absolute control over lighting, blinds and, in turn, the management of Scenes.
• Each of the 4 touch keys has the following functions:

· Lighting Switching and Dimming.
· Blinds, Shutters and Awnings Control.
· Value Transmitter (brightness, temperature, etc.).
· Management of lighting scenarios.
• Incorporates Temperature Sensor and Heating and / or Cooling Thermostat.
• Built-in Proximity Sensor.
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Тип выключателя Сенсорный
Количество кнопок 4