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Сравнение LON и KNX

Open Systems for Homes and Buildings:
Comparing LonWorks and KNX.
Статья (на английском языке) - сравнение KNX и LON. Тема, обсуждаемая весьма часто, потому статья интересна для ознакомления. Сравнение проводится с разных сторон - от истории создания до техники.
......... This white paper examines the development of the ideas and the impact of design and marketing decisions during that development, the associations that support the respective technologies and their impact in one particular market: home and building electronic systems. Those two technologies are LONWORKS from the Echelon Corporation and European Installation Bus (EIB) – now the mainstay of Konnex (KNX) – originally developed by Siemens. The scope of the study is limited to the application area of the latter technology: LONWORKS is used in a much wider range of applications........